Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Thousand words

Dear blog,
Not a word can describe how happy I am right now that finally he said that he loves me. I longed for it for so long and it definitely worths the wait. I love being around him and it is never boring. Never. You know, when you are comfortable with someone, all you wanna do is being with him. All you wanna do is to see his face, every single fucking day. I can talk to him about anything. Just anything. He is not perfect, but he is perfect to me. And I am so in love with everything about him. His eyes, his lips, his smile. Everything. It feels like Ive known him for years. I know that sounds cliche ha-ha but its true. Being able to say that I love him before I go to sleep, is probably one of the best feeling ever. Because God knows how much he means to me, Ikmal Azree.
"Baby, I know that we will have tough times. Baby, I know that sooner or later, one of us will want to get out. But whatever happens, I will be here. Always be here for you, insyaAllah"

Final exam in few weeks, wish me luck! 

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