Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Life's a struggle

Dear blog,
Do the right things or do the things right instead?
Such a gloomy weather here in Perak for few days already and im in love. Time flies so quick that 2014 is in less than a month. It has been a wonderful year for me yet so many good & bad things happened. Day by day, I woke up and realized that I have to be able to stand up for myself and be strong. This fate that chose me put me in a big struggle but no matter what I have to get through it. Or else I'll just be that loser that easily give up on things. The only thing that matters to me now is to make both of my mum and dad happy and proud of me. Because eventually they are the ones who have always been there for me, to comfort me when im not okay or to help me when i dont even want to live. As Im growing up, Ive realized that I have less time to appreciate them, to show my love. And it makes me sad. Final exam is in two weeks and i can feel that my head is gonna explode anytime. It is getting harder and harder that sometimes I just wanna do nothing and sleep all day. Hoping to keep holding on and get good results, I'll just pray for the best. The fact that im trying my best not to let other things burden my mind and take things easier than before and i hope it works. Maybe its the best for everyone and i will just go with the flow. No hopes and no more expectations, whatever happens I dont want the same shits happen again so it wouldnt be so hard for me to pull myself back up. Stronger than before. 

Have a good day everyone. Smile and let all the pains go away.