Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Dear blog,
It is just fucking hurt man.
Fucking hurt, I swear.
Fall for the one you know you shouldn't.
Ignore the one that cares.
Fucking messed up life.

Friday, February 22, 2013


Dear blog,
Tonight, I feel like writing.
To express my feelings, because I have no one to share with.
Such a loner. Yes I am.
Well, practically I chose to be like this.
Keep hoping for something better.

I am listening to When I Was Your Man by Bruno Mars.
While writing this crap, the pieces from my heart.
God knows, this is such a beautiful song. Really.

I don't really like changes.
But to be honest, I am just bored.
Bored and sick.
With everything that comes up.
All the same fucking things, every time.
I am tired.
Crying doesn't help any more.
The loneliness.
The empty feeling will never leave.
There is just like a big hole inside me.
And I really don't know how to fill that hole.
It is always empty. Always.
I wish somebody would help me.
Fix me. 
I want to be happy again.
I want to throw away this loneliness.

Maybe this is the real time to change.
To find the weaknesses of myself.
God is fair enough.

" You'll not always happy, so enjoy while it lasts. You'll not always sad either, so just get through it. It'll be fine "

Monday, February 18, 2013

Nobody knows

Dear blog,
Have you ever felt so lonely that you just burst into tears?
Have you ever missed someone you could not tell him and you just cried? was last night.
I was alone in my room, and crying.
Crying so hard, only God knows.