Wednesday, January 1, 2014

sum up of 2013


Dear blog,
It is a new year and time to start again. New Year's Eve celebration was one hell of night, spent it with my lover boy. A very good start for the year and I have a good feeling that 2014 will be a good year. Well hopefully. As I walked out from 2013, I know if don't throw away all the anger and hatred behind, I would still stuck in that prison. As I am turning 19 this year, I really hope that I would change to a better person. 
  • get good grades
  • act mature
  • be a good daughter to mum&dad
2013 is a year that I will never forget. Few years back, I would never thought I will become this person. Sometimes, it made me think that there has nothing to be proud of. It was a year with full of joy and tears, a year with ups and downs, and definitely a year full of lessons, taught me to be wise in thinking. Many memories were made, many dreams came true and many goals were achieved(well not really). Started a new life in college and met amazing people throughout the year. Never thought I would find someone and can love him this much. Ikmal Azree was the greatest gift for last year and I hope I can keep him in the upcoming years. 2013 also made me realized that I am actually tired hurting my parents' feelings that I feel like going away if that makes things better. I dont want to be a bad daughter, at the same time I still want to explore the world. Forgive me for what have I become,mum and dad. I promise you time heals everything. Friends that stay with me through thick and thin are the best I could ever ask for, and those who left I wish you the best. It was a wonderful year, a year I would never forget. Thank you 2013, thank you for everything. 

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