Saturday, January 11, 2014

late night thoughts

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Dear blog,
Do you know what I need right now? A very good facial treatment. Yes, exactly. I really need to pamper myself before going back to college. And another thing is, I want to buy Nicholas Sparks' new collections. They are so tempting I wish I have lots of money. Sigh. 10 days have passed since 2014 started and as expected, I am still me. College starts in few days and I dont know should I feel excited to meet my friends and begin semester 3 or be sad that holiday is over. Well maybe I am just in between. There are so many things in my mind tonight and guess what? I just uploaded two pictures on facebook in a day and who the hell still upload their picture on facebook. Lol that shows how lifeless am I. Things between me & lover boy is going quiet well this time. Second time might be the lucky charm, who knows? He may be annoying, yes very annoying and hot-tempered(sorry baby) but despite of all his flaws, he is the one that I choose and I love. The one that I want to be with as long as I can. Never been in love like I am right now that I just fall deep and loving it. Never put this much time and efforts before but I do now. His happiness is mine. That sounds so cheezy but what is wrong of being cliche sometimes. Hehe. But they say, "Dont hope too much or you'll end up bad". So no high expectations, just going with flow. Two people who are meant to be will find their way back to each other, am I right or am I right? If it is not meant, no matter how hard I do things will never work out between us. That is one fact of life & fate that I have to accept. God knows what is He doing and what He plans is the best for me. The problem now is when you have to choose between your boy and your friends. I wish I never have to ever choose, that I can keep it simple balance. But life is not fair sometimes. The scariest thing I could think of right now is when my friends think that I abandon them. Something like "Dah ada boyfriend, lupa kawan". There is no such things. We all need our friends in the end. I apologize if I ever hurt anyone's feelings whether it is intentionally or not. Another thing is that sometimes I wonder, why do I have to grow up if that means I am drifting apart from my parents. It is so sad though. The fact that no one could ever replace them in any ways, that I could not imagine myself losing them. They are my strength and forever will be.
May God bless us all, amin. 

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